Software Development

  We believe that the technique conveys software faster and deal with clients' needs superior to different methodologies. We have technique and execution, best developers empower and evolvement to help our clients to strengthen their core technology, scale with adaptability and create seamless digital experiences

Web Development

  We make a design that is unique to your website that would be produced using scratch utilizing all our insight with the ideal technology. We ensure that we use creativity to guarantee that you are content with whatever you do anything for your business.

Mobile Application Development

  Mobile applications are the noble brand of the implicit world, enabling your businesses to grab your place in the market quickly and augment their client reach. Our empowered developers can deal with all your advancement needs and deliver mobile applications that assist you with scaling up your business.

IT Training

  We help youth is to empower the Education, Research and Development programs with real-life problems and advanced technology. We believe that Youth is natural adopters of new technologies that bring them to contact with the broader world and certainly the potential for technology and digital media to be a force for innovation, education, and have tremendous power to empower the modern world who has extremely good inventiveness simply we need to mild them.

Cloud Solutions

  Teckzeal has an extensive cloud management platform. It provides open-source and flexible cloud platform which offer service like hosting services, service management, service cloud, cloud backup, marketing cloud, cloud server, database, etc. The tool also allows you to maximise the profit of your business.

IOT Solutions

  We provide Industrial IoT, Healthcare IoT, Smart Home, and IoT Automotive including High-level development of devices & sensors, Web and mobile app development.

Digital Marketing

  Digital marketing is not just about good ideas. It is set for driving enterprise growth. Our digital marketing experts can assist you with building up your business goals, distinguish your intended interest group, make connecting with and share-worthy content with all other aspects of your online presence.


  ERP solution provided by Teckzeal empowers your workforce to higher-level productivity by focusing on the significant growth of your business. We offer a complete solution for small and midsize retailers that operate everything and customize your business as per your business need.

Maintenance & Support

  Our strategy to provide high-quality services with reliable software infrastructure. We also identify and fix software design, logical and coding errors, bugs and defects to increase system stability, consistency of software operation and satisfaction of our customers.